Scans reveal 9 cm air filled cavity in 84-year-old man's brain

Health issues like weakness may not seem like major ailments but there might be something serious behind these symptoms. The brain is crucial for the body to function properly and a void inside it is unimaginable.

When an 84-year-old complained of sudden weakness on the left side of his body and collapsed multiple times, doctors felt it was a stroke. But scans revealed there was a nine centimetre air pocket in the right frontal lobe of his brain.

Closer examination showed that a bone tumour in the sinuses had caused this and triggered a mini stroke as well. Meanwhile the patient was put on a secondary stroke prevention programme after he declined surgery.

The area with the air pocket controls movement in the left side of the body and the cavity caused acute blood flow blockage to the corpus callosum that connects the brains left and right parts.

Source: Health – Google News

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