Rahul Gandhi Tweets About Delhi Smog; Asks, Why Is 'Saheb' Quiet

Rahul Gandhi Tweets About Delhi Smog; Asks, Why Is 'Saheb' Quiet

Rahul Gandhi had last month expanded the GST as “Gabbar Singh Tax”.

New Delhi:  The newest dig from Rahul Gandhi’s series of filmy analogies is as much poetic as it is cathartic. The Congress vice president today picked a couplet from a song from the 1978 film Gaman to describe the experience of living a city wrapped in smog. His tweet can also be interpreted as an apparent swipe at the state and central governments for failing to tackle air pollution that has hit emergency levels in the national capital.

Seene mein jalan/aankhon mein toofaan sa kyun hai/ iss sheher mein/ har shaks/ pareshaan saa kyun hai…(Pain in the breast, storm in the eyes/ why is everybody in the city so troubled),” he tweeted.

Referring to a “saheb” in the next line, he wonders why the saheb is silent despite knowing everything. “Kya batayeinge saheb, sab jaankar anjaan kyun hain?” Mr Gandhi asked on Twitter and shared a news report that said 18 lakh people died in India every year due to air pollution.

His wisecracks, filmy metaphors and popular idioms aimed at PM Modi, his ministers and the government have led to an upsurge in his popularity on Twitter.

Mr Gandhi, who has been extensively campaigning in poll-bound Gujarat, had last month expanded the GST as “Gabbar Singh Tax”, likening it to the iconic villain in Bollywood blockbuster Sholay who “covets people’s earnings”.

A few days later, he used a cult phrase from Star Wars movie series target Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. “Dear Mr Jaitley, May the Farce be with you,” tweeted the 47-year-old Congress leader.

Mr Gandhi was referring to the government’s statement that the real GDP growth average is 7.5 per cent in the last three years that the BJP has been in power at the Centre.

Earlier in February, while campaigning for the assembly polls on Gandhi home turf Raebareli, he referenced Hindi blockbusters to illustrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s failure to keep his promises.

“Imagine going to watch a movie. You are shown Shah Rukh Khan’s DDLJ. After two and a half years, turns out it is Gabbar Singh in Sholay,” Mr Gandhi had said.

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