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Just let that sink in for a moment. We are only eight days into the parliamentary year.

I don’t know about you, but I feel as though I have lived a lifetime or two during this sitting fortnight.

Still, I imagine Barnaby Joyce feels as though he’s lived about three. He is holding on to his political life, by – as he threw out yesterday to Bill Shorten to the never-ending mirth of Labor backbenchers – “the skin of his teeth”.

He made it through an internal revolt (for now) but Labor is not going to let off the pressure, over the free accommodation he has received from his “close friend”, Tamworth businessman Greg Maguire, and the travel he took with his former staffer and new partner, Vikki Campion. I would expect to see more of that later today in question time, the final one before Joyce becomes acting PM.

Katharine Murphy writes about that here.

Fairfax reports Joyce was paid almost $50,000 during his byelection campaign by the Nationals party, despite earning $400,000 or so since becoming deputy prime minister. Apparently, he still needed his salary. It also published the first ReachTEL poll of New England since the affair became public, finding a third of his supporters have deserted him since the byelection.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Joyce and Campion continued to work together while she was pregnant and officially attached to other offices, and has a photo of the two of them clowning around with a carp fish.

In non-Barnaby news, Labor and the Greens passed a Senate disallowance motion overnight to stop the changes to the Murray-Darling basin plan. NSW has already signalled it will pull out of the agreement. Anne Davies has more on that here.

The mining union are putting pressure on Labor to leave Adani alone, reasoning it is not worth winning the Batman byelection in Melbourne to lose central Queensland.

And Kristina Keneally should be joining the Senate today.

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