Here's What You Need To Know About Burmese Cuisine

Here's What You Need To Know About Burmese Cuisine

Burmese cuisine is an exotic blend of flavourful ingredients that make up unique dishes which are an absolute must try. It offers a plethora of authentic dishes from various regions of Myanmar. Its distinctive yet subtle flavours are highly influenced by Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine. The dishes consist of largely plant or seafood based ingredients and most of its flavours are subtle with a balance of sour, salty, bitter and spicy, all in one go. 

A key attraction of Burmese food is its extensive use of fish products such as fish sauce and ngapi (a paste which is made using either fish or shrimps). Apart from this, rice or htamin as they call, is their regional speciality. This fermented rice is one of the signature dishes which is relished and enjoyed by people of all age groups. If you ever happen to go to a Burmese restaurant, you will see that a main dish will always be followed with a side dish. It can either be soup or boiled vegetables and herbs. They are best enjoyed by pairing with dips ranging from ngapi (fish dip) to balachaung (a combination of chili, garlic and dried shrimp fried in oil). 

Myanmar culture is influenced by British’s tea culture; hence they like to have tea with their breakfast. Mohinga is the most popular dish in Myanmar and is usually savoured as a breakfast. It is made up of rice noodles which are garnished with crispy fried fritters such as chickpea, boiled egg and so on. It mostly has a fish based broth and additional ingredients are chilli powder, fish sauce, lime, coriander etc. which adds unique flavours and piquant aroma to the dish. Other than this, you can also have noodles soup, fried rice, Indian naan with steamed beans paste and dim sums as well for breakfast.

If you’re fond of noodles, then you can also go for their popular noodles salad which is the Nan Gyi Thoke. It is a dry rice noodle dish which looks like a noodle salad. It is paired with chicken or fish cakes, boiled bean sprouts and slices of hard-boiled eggs. These are seasoned with turmeric and chilli oil and served with a bowl of broth. 

The desserts here are influenced by the flavours and ingredients of neighbouring countries; one such delectable dessert is popularly known by the name Cendol. It is an iced sweet dessert that contains droplets of green rice flour jelly, coconut and palm sugar syrup. 

Authentic Burmese food is loaded with rich and distinctive flavour. For people who love to try and experiment with different cuisines, try these Burmese specialities as they are worth every bit of it.

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