9 Things We Hate in a Restaurant

9 Things We Hate in a Restaurant

One can’t sleep well, think well, or love well, if one hasn’t dined well. Well, we believe so. Everyone goes out to dine for a rejuvenating experience. If you like to dine out you will agree with these nine situations where restaurants fail to meet our expectations. It isn’t necessary for a restaurant to be glamorous. A simple setting with delicious food, hygienic environment and good lighting is enough to relax us. Alas! Some restaurants disagree. So, if you own a food outlet and want to have diners who will come back to you again and again, read on to know where you can go wrong.
1.  Loud Music

Yes, we know! If it is not the people shouting at the top of their lungs, it is the music that forces you to dash out of the door. Loud music goes with clubs and not fine dining restaurants. For you, as a restaurant owner, it is essential to understand the kind of crowd you want to pull and decide on the volume accordingly.

loud music

Loud music makes conversation harder.

2. Dirty Linen

This one hardly requires an explanation. No one likes to eat on a dirty table. Once a guest is done eating, you clean up the cutlery and always remember to replace the dirty linen.

3. Bad Service

If waiting for your table to be ready was not enough, delay in service and lack of coordination among the staff only makes it worse. Train your staff and maintain strict discipline in order to ensure efficient service during rush hours.

bad service

A hungry man is an angry man. Handle him with care.

4.  Unclean Washrooms

Again, an absolute no-no. Washrooms are meant to be clean and hygienic, no questions asked.

5. Stale Food

This is an immediate turn off, absolutely unacceptable at any restaurant at any given point of time. Would you pay for a rotten rose? Then why should I pay for stale food? Period. Make sure you have enough for the day and not extra because you are only supposed to use fresh ingredients.

6. Poor Lighting

We are out for a meal and would love to see and enjoy what we are eating. Let there be enough light for us to see the actual color of the dish that we ordered and also be able to read the menu!

7.  Reservation Problems:  

There are situations where you have already made reservations and when you reach the restaurant, your table isn’t ready or your reservation vanishes from their guest list for the day. This is a spoiler as everyone hates to get into an argument especially when they are hungry.

8.  Attitude of the Order Taker or Server
The behavior of the order taker or server goes a long way in shaping the diner’s experience. Anybody who has worked hard throughout the week would hate to see a frustrated order taker who doesn’t know what goes where and which wine compliments which food item. Make sure you have a trained staff that knows your menu well.


Learn the art of communicating effectively.

9. Bad Communication

The order taker’s job is to elaborate on the dish and communicate its flavour to the guests. If he or she is not capable of conveying this information correctly and effectively, then a guest will never be satisfied with what he or she ordered.

The key to a great dining experience lies in capturing the spirit of the diner and balancing it with the essence of the restaurant.


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